How to Upload Video From a PC to Wix

By Faizah Imani

Wix allows you to create your own professional flash website for free. Using drag and drop technology, even a novice website designer can create elegant looking sites. Wix includes several website features, including the ability to add music and HTML code to your site. You can also add videos. However, unlike music files, the videos cannot be stored on the Wix server.

Step 1

Visit a website that allows you to store and share hosted video files. Examples of websites you can use are YouTube, zShare, YourFileLink and Flickr. Most sites require you to sign up for a free user account before you can access services.

Step 2

Log into your user account. Select the option to "Upload" a video. You will then see a window that contains your saved computer files.

Step 3

Browse through your computer files until you locate the video file. "Double Click" the video file you want to place on Wix. Click the "Upload" option again (if necessary) to upload the video to the video hosting site.

Step 4

Copy the URL (website address) for the uploaded video file.

Step 5

Log into your Wix account. Select the option to "Edit" your website. This will launch the Wix Editor window.

Step 6

Click the "Add" button that is located on the left toolbar.

Step 7

Click "Music and Video." Select "Video."

Step 8

Click the "Enter URL" button.

Step 9

Enter the URL (from step 4) into the designated box. Click "OK."

Click the "Save" option that is located on the top Wix toolbar to save the changes to your site. Click "Publish" to publish the changes so that they are viewable by your website visitors.