How to Upload a Video to GoDaddy

by Si Kingston

GoDaddy is an online service that registers domain names and sells hosting space. After you associate a specific domain name with a hosting account, you can upload different types of files, including videos. Every GoDaddy user has access to a file manager that has an upload tool for transferring file data from your computer to a GoDaddy server. Before transferring the video, make sure it is stored on your computer's hard drive, or on a connected external hard or flash drive.

Go to GoDaddy's home page.

Log in by entering your account username and password into the corresponding fields. Your account name and password is in the email you received from GoDaddy when you first set up your account or purchased a product from them.

Hover over the "Hosting" tab with your mouse. The Hosting menu will open, and click on "Web Hosting."

Click "Launch" next to the hosting account you want to upload the video to. If you have several domains, you may have a hosting account associated with each one.

Launch the Hosting Control Center associated with the domain you want the video to be available on.

Click "File Manager" or "Files" in the Hosting Control Center or Hosting Dashboard.

Select a folder where you want the video to be stored in (e.g., "videos").

Click the "Upload" folder.

Select the "Browse" button.

Find and select the video stored on your computer or connected storage device, and click "Open."

Click "Upload" again. The GoDaddy File Manager will transfer the video from the computer to your hosting account and store it in the selected folder.


  • check Videos may take a while to upload; upload speed depends on file size.

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