How to Upload a Video Fast to Share It Online

by Travis Larson
Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

Uploading a video to the Internet is often the quickest and easiest way to share it with others. Various websites allow you to view videos online, while others require that you download videos to watch them. Knowing whom you want to view the video and how you want it viewed can help you determine the best place to upload your video.

Step 1

Uploading your video to Facebook is a quick way to share the video with friends and family. The video is uploaded to your personal profile page and is accessible to users who access the page. You can configure your settings to allow only Facebook friends to view the video, or you can allow anyone who visits your profile to view the video. Facebook allows videos up to 20 minutes in length.

Step 2

YouTube is a site that allows you to upload videos and view them online. Uploading a video to YouTube makes it accessible to millions of users around the world. You can send the link to people you know or hope that people stumble upon the video as they search YouTube. If you want to have your video seen by as many people as possible, uploading it to YouTube is a good start. YouTube allows videos up to 15 minutes in length.

MegaUpload is a website that lets you upload your video and distribute it to others. Unlike Facebook and YouTube, users cannot view the video from the MegaUpload website. The video is available as a download that users can save to their computers. If you want to distribute your video to others, you can send them the link and they can download it at their convenience.

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