How to Upload PSD Files

By Frank Johnson

Uploading graphic files to remote servers can serve as a type of backup measure.
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Graphic designers, photographers and artists often use Photoshop Document (PSD) files to manage their images. The PSD file format is generated from Adobe Photoshop. PSD files are large, uncompressed files that can be edited without major distortion. Backing up PSD files to multiple locations saves designers from having to recreate their work. You'll need an account with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server to upload your files for storage.

Click the "Start" button and choose "Run" from the file options. Windows Vista users can skip to the next step.

Type "CMD" (minus the quotes) and press "Enter." This will open a command window.

Navigate to the folder where your PSD files are located.

Check the size of your PSD files to make sure you are uploading the correct one. Type "ftp" (minus the quotes) and press enter.

Type "Open" (minus the quotes) and press "Enter." Substitute your FTP site for the aforementioned address.

You will be prompted to enter a user name if you have successfully connected to the server. Type your user name and press "Enter."

You will be prompted to enter a password if your user name has been accepted. Type your password and press "Enter."

Once your credentials have been accepted, you will be given an "FTP" prompt. Navigate to the directory folder where you would like to store your PSD files. Alternatively, if you would like to create a folder, you can do this by typing "MKDIR" (minus the quotes). You will be asked for your folder name.

Upload your PSD file by typing "put abc.psd" (minus the quotes). Substitute the name of your file for abc.

Once the transmission is complete, the FTP server will report to you the size of the file and how long it took to upload. Repeat Step 9 for as many files as you would like to upload.

Type "bye" (minus the quotes) when you are finished uploading your files. This command will disconnect you from the FTP server.

Type "exit" (minus the quotes) to close the command window.