How to Upload a PowerPoint to Twitter

By David Nield

Twitter means you don't have to be in the same room to share a PowerPoint file.
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Twitter doesn't include the ability to upload and host files other than images. If you want to include a PowerPoint in a tweet, you need to upload it elsewhere and link to the file. Microsoft's official Web version of PowerPoint is the most suitable tool for the task -- it's free to use and ensures maximum compatibility with your desktop software.

Using PowerPoint Online

To use Microsoft's suite of free online Office apps, you'll need to sign up for an account via the official SkyDrive website first. Alternatively, you can log in using an existing Microsoft ID. Once this is done, click on any PowerPoint file stored in the SkyDrive or choose "Create" and then "PowerPoint presentation" to fire up the app. Basic editing features are included in the online tool, enabling you to insert text, images and shapes and access a limited number of transitions and animations. Audio and video files cannot be played in the browser, but if your file includes any unsupported elements they are retained when the presentation is downloaded to the recipient's computer.

Uploading a File

Files can be uploaded to SkyDrive by selecting "Upload" from the main file viewer and then choosing a presentation from disk. Files can also be synced from the desktop SkyDrive and PowerPoint apps. Once the PowerPoint file is in your SkyDrive, you have two options -- you can share it as a read-only file (available to view on the Web and download if required) or as an editable file. The recipient will also require a SkyDrive account to make changes through the PowerPoint Web app.

Creating a Twitter Link

Select a file by placing a tick in the relevant box inside SkyDrive and then choose "Sharing" from the toolbar menu. The "Post to" option lets you share the link over Facebook or Twitter (if you can't see the Twitter option, choose "Add services"). Tick the box marked "Recipients can edit" to allow edits to the file over the Web. Alternatively you can use the "Get a link" option to generate a URL that can then be pasted into a tweet on the Twitter website or in a third-party client.

Alternative Approaches

A variety of other online services are available to upload and link to PowerPoint presentations. Web-based office suites such as Google Drive and Zoho allow you to edit as well as link to presentations, while storage-based services including Dropbox and Box can create public links to a file to enable others to download it (though no editing tools are included). Which option works best for you depends on the features you need and the software you and the intended recipients are already making use of.