How to Upload Pictures to a Verizon Wirless Pictures Account

by Andrew Smith

Verizon Wireless allows users to upload pictures from their phones to an online account. Here is how you can upload pictures to a Verizon Wireless Pictures Account.

Once you have an account created, take a picture with your Verizon Wireless cell phone.

Go to the menu portion of your cell phone and scroll over to “Get It Now.”

Press the number 2 on your keypad or select “Get PIX & FLIX.”

Press the number 3 on your keypad or select “MY PIX.”

Select whichever album your pictures are in.

Scroll through your pictures and select a picture that you would like to upload to your Verizon Wirless Pictures account. You can only upload one picture at a time.

Once you are at the picture, press the button on your keypad that takes you to “Options.” Normally, this button will be labeled on the screen of your phone.

Press the number 2 on your keypad or selected “To PIX Place.” The picture will then automatically upload to your Verizon Wireless Pictures account.


  • close The numbers listed in Steps 3, 4 and 8 may not be the same on every Verizon Wireless phone. However, the options should be named the same.

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