How to Upload Pictures From a Samsung Intensity to a PC Without a Micro SD Card

by William Pullman

The Samsung Intensity has a 1-megapixel digital camera built into the phone that you can use to take pictures when you are on the go. The Intensity offers 29MB of internal memory, which can store a limited number of pictures. When you reach the memory limit, you'll need to either install a microSD card to expand the phone's memory or delete pictures from the phone to free up space for more pictures. You can save your pictures before you delete them by uploading them to a computer; however, the Intensity is not recognized as a mass storage device when a microSD card is not installed. You'll need to email the pictures to yourself and then copy them to your PC.


Press the "OK" button on your Intensity to open the main menu. Highlight "Media Center" using the navigation buttons, then press "OK" to open Media Center.


Select "Pictures" and then choose "My Pictures" to see a list of pictures stored on the phone. Highlight the picture that you want to upload to your PC and press the right soft key under "Options."


Select "Send" and "Picture Message" from the menu. The "To" section of the Picture Message form is highlighted.


Type in the email address to which you want to send the picture and press "OK."


Press the navigation buttons to highlight "Subject." Enter a subject for the email and press "OK."


Highlight "Send" and press the "OK" button to send the email.


Log in to your email account and open the message containing the picture attachment. Click "Download" or a similarly named link, depending on the email client you are using, to download the picture to your computer.


  • check You can add a message to your email by highlighting the "Text" box and typing the message.


  • close The Samsung Intensity only supports one picture per message, which means you can only email one picture at a time.
  • close Information in this article applies to the Samsung Intensity SCH-u450. It may vary slightly or significantly from other versions or products.

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