How to Upload a Picture & Change Your Hair Color

By Angela Neal

Upload a photo of yourself to a virtual makeover site to try on different hair colors.
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If you want to dye your hair but you aren't sure which color to change it to, or which color will even look flattering on you, you can try uploading a photo of yourself to a free virtual makeover website. Virtual makeover sites are used to try on different shades of makeup to help you figure out which colors will look good on you before you. These sites are helpful because you won't end up dying your hair a color that will not look very flattering against your skin tone.

Take a picture of yourself with your digital camera, or have someone do it for you. Make sure that the photo is from your shoulders up and the top of your head isn't cut off. The lighting should be natural and not too bright and your hair should be pulled back away from your face and shoulders.

Take the memory card out of your camera and put it in the memory card slot of your computer. If you don't have a memory card or memory card slot on your computer, use a cable that is compatible with your camera to connect it to your computer. Transfer the photo to the computer.

Access a free virtual makeover site such as Taaz, Beauty Riot or Daily Makeover. Sign up for an account. To upload a photo, click on the button that says "Browse," "Start" or "Upload a New Photo." A window will open that lets you navigate the files and folders on your computer. Find the picture you just took, click on it and click "Open" in the bottom-right corner of the box to pick it.

Click on the hair category after your photo loads and click on a hairstyle. Click on the hair color changer and try different colors of hair.