How to Upload Photos to Websites

by Larry Amon

For a photo to appear on a web page, it must first be uploaded to the web server. This is true for photos, other images or even the text of the web page itself. Up;oading content requires an File Transfer Protocol program. Most web editing programs have FTP software built in, but if you are using a text editor or just want to control your uploads without the web editing program you just need to use an FTP program.

Find a simple FTP program such as Filezilla or FreeFTP. These programs usually work by showing two windows, one with your local files and one window showing the files on a remote computer, such as your web hosting account.

Open your FTP program. Create a new connection or new site. In the new connection you will enter the web host's FTP address for your account which is usually your website address but may be preceded by ftp instead of http (,) your username, password and the file directory where you want to start. Often this is the www directory.

Click on the new connection and click on "Connect." Browse through the window showing your local files and find the photo you want to upload. Select the file and click on the arrow or other button to move the photo to the web server.

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