How to Upload Images onto Google Image Search

By Maureen Bruen

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

To upload images onto Google Image Search your image must be placed on a website or blog with relevant keywords. Google is a search engine and it searches websites and blogs to identify images it can upload to Google Images. No one is allowed to upload their images directly to Google Images since Google controls what and when images are loaded. To encourage Google to upload your images, you can submit the website or blog using the Google Add URL link.

Step 1

Launch your HTML editor, like Notepad or Dreamweaver, or start a free blog on Blogger or Wordpress. See the "Resources" section of this article for links to free blogging sites.

Step 2

Place your images and relevant keywords on your website using free FTP software if you use Notepad, or using the FTP feature in Dreamweaver. See "Resources" if you need to download some free FTP software to do this. If you are using a blog, use the "Add Image" tool provided in Blogger or Wordpress and make sure the "Tags" and text related to the images contain the relevant keywords. When the Google search engine uses your relevant keywords to populate Google Images, your site is eligible for uploading.

Step 3

Add your website or blog to the Google search engine immediately by adding the URL for your website or blog to Google's Add URL page (see the "References" section).