How to Upload Music to iTunes

By Paul Ramone

Upload your music to iTunes.
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iTunes is a well-known media storage application because of its connection to the wildly popular personal mp3 player, the iPod. Owners of iPods are required to use the iTunes application to sync the music onto the iPod. To get your music files into the iTunes application, upload your favorite CDs or transfer your computer files.

Add Music to iTunes from CD

Insert the music CD into your computer's CD drive.

Open the iTunes application. You can either double-click the iTunes icon on your desktop or select "Start">"Programs">"iTunes."

Click "Import CD" on the bottom right side of the open iTunes application. Each song on the CD will upload into your iTunes music library.

Transfer Songs from Your Computer

Open the iTunes application.

Open the location on your computer of the music files that you want to transfer to iTunes.

Drag and drop the music files into the open iTunes application. In some cases, iTunes needs to reformat the songs. If prompted to reformat, select "Yes."