How to Upload Music to the Internet

by LizaK

If you have created or written or recorded music, you might want to share it with people by uploading it to the Internet. There are lots of different places where you can put music online, and uploading it is actually quite easy to do.

Make sure your music files are in MP3 format, as this is the easiest to upload to the Internet.

Find a site that is already set up to receive music files. See the following sections for more details. You can also build your own website and host your songs there.

Click on the location for your music depending on the site you have built or are using.

Click on the upload link and browse to find the files on your computer. Click "OK" to choose them, and they will upload to the Internet.

Social Networking Sites

Sign up for a social networking site, like Facebook or Myspace, or a file-sharing site like LimeWire. For social networking sites, read the rules to make sure you have the right site--for instance, Myspace requires you to sign up as a musical artist to post music, and Facebook requires you to have a fan page to upload your own music.

Create your site or profile by following the on-screen prompts.

Upload your music into the specific upload boxes marked for music or files on your site. Use the browse button to find songs to upload.

Music-Only Sites

Sign up for a music-sharing site like SoundCloud or Muziboo. Create your site by following the prompts.

Upload your music into the upload boxes listed on your site. Use the browse function on your computer to find the music.

Click that you agree to the terms and services to upload music.


  • check Bandwidth speed will affect upload time for songs.
  • check You can also set up an FTP (file transfer protocol) server for uploading music. To do this, you will need FTP space. You can use a site like SmartFTP or FileZilla (see Resources). Sign up for service and follow the on-screen prompts to upload your own music.


  • close Only upload music that you have created--if you upload someone else's songs, you could be in danger of copyright violations.