How to Upload a Music File to an MP3 URL

by Joshua Laud
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If you are a music producer, have a band or just have recorded a song on your own, you might want to upload your music online. There are various ways to store MP3s online depending on your needs. If you need to simply host the file on its own and provide people with a download link there are a lot of easy and quick services to use; otherwise you might want a site that gives you feedback on your music. Whatever your need, most offer completely free MP3-hosting solutions.


Step 1

Go to the Soundcloud website (see References).

Step 2

Click "Upload & Send."

Step 3

Click "Choose Files," then locate your MP3, select it and click "Open." Your audio track will begin uploading; you can edit the details while it loads.

Step 4

Enter the details of your song and artist in the spaces provided. Enter your email address, and then enter the email addresses of the people you want to distribute your track to in the boxes provided.

Click "I Agree," then click "Save Track." Open your email account and click the confirmation link to confirm you are a human. You will then be provided with a link to your MP3 online.


Step 1

Go to the FileDropper website (see Resources).

Step 2

Click "Upload File," then locate your MP3 to upload. Double click it to select it and begin the upload process.

Click the "URL" text box to highlight the text. Press "Ctrl"+"C" to copy the MP3 link. Distribute this to friends or family to share your MP3 link.


Step 1

Go to the MP3-Upload website (see References).

Step 2

Click "Choose File."

Step 3

Locate your song on your hard drive, select it, then click "Open."

Step 4

Click "Upload!" to begin the uploading process.

Click the link to highlight it, press "Ctrl"+"C" to copy it, then distribute this link to friends.


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