How to Upload Music CDs to My Computer

By Christopher Godwin

Uploading your CD's to your computer is a great way to preserve your music collection.
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Uploading music CDs to your computer is a great way to keep them from getting scratched from continuous use, and to safeguard your music against losses. You also can make "mix" CDs for friends or for travel, or share your music with others.

Purchase or download a music-player software program that will allow you to upload, store and organize CDs, such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp.

Open your music-player software program. Insert the CD that you want to import into the CD tray on your computer.

Select the CD from the menu of your music-player software program. Double click it so that a new window opens showing the tracks of the CD.

Select the tracks that you want to record by checking the boxes next to the song titles. In most cases, all of the boxes will be checked to begin with.

Click the "import CD" or "import audio" button in your music-player software program.

Check the music library in your music-player software program to make sure the tracks were properly uploaded. Click on a song and see if it plays. Eject the CD from the CD tray.