How to Upload From iPhone to iTunes

by Marina Martin

When you purchase media such as podcasts and songs directly from the iTunes Store on your iPhone, or if you transfer music from multiple computers to a single iPhone, you probably want to have all of the files from your phone available on your computer. You can transfer files, including songs and notes, from your iPhone to your computer using iTunes. As of April 2011, you can only transfer media downloaded from the iTunes Store from an iPhone to a computer using iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.

Launch iTunes if it does not open automatically after you connect your iPhone.

Right-click on the name of your iPhone, such as "Josie's iPhone," in the left menu.

Choose "Transfer Purchases." All purchased music, podcasts and other media you downloaded from the iTunes Store onto your iPhone is now transferred to iTunes on your computer.


  • close You cannot transfer music, podcasts or other files that you downloaded to your iPhone from a source other than the iTunes Store. This method only works for iTunes downloads. You can transfer other files to your computer through email, or through a third-party file transfer service such as DropBox.

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