How to Upload Information to the Web

By Jessica Broadmoor

Uploading information to the Web can be an excellent way to share documents, files and other information with people all over the world for business or personal reasons. You can also upload files so that you have access to them no matter where you are located. As long as you save the files on your computer in a location that you can easily remember, uploading them to the Web can be done in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Obtain Web hosting space with FTP (file transfer protocol) so that you’ll have somewhere to upload the information. This can be done by purchasing a domain name and Web hosting, or by finding a company that offers free Web space. If you choose to purchase hosting, you won’t be able to access it without buying a domain name.

Step 2

Log in to your FTP account. If you are using a free or paid host, then log in to the control panel and access the FTP section. This may be also be labeled as "Upload Files" if you are using free hosting. If you have paid hosting and an FTP program on your computer, you can use that instead. You’ll have to use your FTP username and password in order to use an external program. Your host will give you this information after you sign up.

Step 3

Find the information you want to upload on your computer. Once logged into FTP either via the Web panel or via an FTP program on your computer, you should be looking at a split screen. One side represents the files and folders on your computer, while the other side represents the files and folders that are part of your Web hosting account. Select the files you want to upload by browsing through the files and folders on your computer. Next click "Transfer.” You have now uploaded the information to the Web.

Step 4

View the information. Now that you have uploaded the files, it’s a good idea to make sure the upload is working properly. Open the Web browser and type in the URL of the files you uploaded. For example, if you uploaded stocks.pdf to, you would type If you are using a free host then you have to type in the domain and folder name of whatever service you are using. For example,