How to Upload Images on Yahoo Images

By Amanda Kondolojy

Get your digital photos online with Yahoo!
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Yahoo images, also known as Flickr, is a free image service that is part of the Yahoo! network. If you have a Yahoo ID, you can log in to Flickr and upload images quite simply. When you upload your images to Flickr, you can also share them on the Yahoo network and make them searchable by Yahoo Image search.

Go to the Flickr homepage and sign in with your Yahoo ID. This is the same ID you use if you have a Yahoo Mail account. If you do not have a Yahoo ID, you can sign up for one at the Flickr homepage.

Click on the "Upload Photos" link on the service's main page. If this is the first time you are using Flickr, the link will say "Upload your first photos"

Click on "Choose Photos and Videos". A "Browse" window will pop up. Highlight the photos. Click on the photo(s) you want to upload and then click "OK".

Click on the "Upload" button. A status bar will pop up. Once this status bar fills, the upload will be complete and you can tag and share your photos.