How to Upload an HTML File on My Website

by Cristina Puno

There are two basic file management tools available to those who manage their own sites. One is the built-in File Manager that comes with your Web hosting subscription. This is a Web-based utility enabling you to upload a select number of files at once, as well as manage and edit files within your Web server. Another essential tool available to transfer files is via an FTP client. Although you will need to download this application, it comes for free and most Web host providers offer you FTP access so you can easily upload numerous files at once to your website.

Using File Manager

Log into the administration panel of your website. The administration panel link and login credentials are sent to you by your Web host provider when you sign up for their service.

Locate the File Manager. If your site is running cPanel, it is located in the "Files" section.

Click on the link to "Upload" files.

Click on "Browse" and choose the HTML file you wish to upload from your computer to begin the upload process.

Using an FTP Client

Open your FTP Client. If you do not have one, you can download an FTP client online such as FileZilla or SmartFTP.

Enter the FTP host, username and password for your site. This information is provided to you when you subscribe to a Web host provider. Click on the button to "Connect."

Navigate to the folder where you wish to upload your HTML file, in the window showing all files within your Web server.

Select the HTML file you wish to transfer over to your website from the window showing files in your computer.

Drag the file over to the window containing your Web server files. Once this is done, the FTP status window will confirm the successful transfer of the file.

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