How to Upload to FTP Sites

by Kenrick Callwood

Most website domains make use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) sites to facilitate the upload and download of the files and folders that comprise a website. The FTP site host, also known as an address, of a particular domain is usually and may be accessed in a variety of ways. The simplest way to upload to an FTP site is with a software program designed specifically for the task or via a software program that has FTP capabilities built into it, such as Adobe Dreamweaver or other web design software.

Locate the required FTP log in information. This information is available from the web hosting company that hosts the website and includes the username, password, host/address, and port for the FTP site.

Open the FTP client software program on the local computer. Dozens of freeware programs exist and may be downloaded and installed in minutes (see Resources).

Create a new FTP site profile in the FTP client program. This option is usually found under the "File" menu and is labeled "Site Manager" or "Remote Browser" in most cases.

Add the FTP site information to the new website profile and save the changes. Enter the information obtained from the hosting company in the appropriate text fields.

Press the connect button to open the FTP connection between the local computer and the web server.

Select the files on the local computer and drag them to the target folder on the web server to initiate the upload process.


  • check Files used for the website are usually dragged to the "www" or "public_html" folder and the sub-folders contained within. Contact the hosting company if there is any doubt as to where the files should be uploaded to.

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