How to Upload Free Blogger Templates

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Blogger provides a wide range of free templates with many customizing option. However, several third-party developers create Blogger templates as well. Many of these are free. You can upload one of these templates to be the format of your own Blogger blog.


Choose between an HTML template and the newer Blogger templates format, which is in XML. If you don't know the difference, look at your Blog and the options you have. If you use the Blogger's "layout" option then you have the most recent Blogger blog type and you will need the XML templates for your blog.


Save the template file you have chosen, making sure that you know where on your hard drive you saved. Create and maintain a folder labeled "blog" or something similar to be able to retrieve your files easily.


Log into your Blogger account and access your blog by clicking on "Layout." Click on the "Edit HTML" tab. Download your current blog template as a backup so that you can reload it if something doesn't work.


Click on the "Browse" button to locate your new Blogger template. Select it and click the "Upload" button. To make sure it is what you want, click the preview button to see what your blog will look like. If the template looks the way you want it, save your new template. If not, you can click the clear edits button and go back to the way it was.


  • check Always back up your current blog template before saving a new layout.
  • check Upload a new Blogger template before adding any widgets to your blog, as Blogger will delete any current widgets.
  • check If you already have widgets on your blog, an easy way to transfer them to your new Bblogger layout is to copy and label each one to a word-processing or text-editor document so that you can replace them once your new template is up.


  • close Do not save your new Blogger template until after you have previewed it.

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