How to Upload Files for an Email

by Missy J. Talbot

Email is a method of communication that takes place online. With email, you can send messages from one address to another. You can also upload files called attachments to an email. When you upload an attachment, or a file, to an email, the person you send the email to will be able to download that file onto their computer. It is easy to upload a file for an email.

Save the file you wish to upload in an accessible place on your computer, such as your computer's desktop. Give the file a memorable name so its easy to retreive.

Click on your email program and compose an email message. Type in the address of the receiver, create your email, and then look for a button labeled "Attachments."

Click "Attachments" or "Attach a file." Then click "Browse" to find the file on your computer. Click through the folders until you find where you have saved the file. Then click "Ok" and "Attach." The file should show up as a link on the email you are sending.

Send the email once the file has uploaded.

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