How to Upload Fast on Mediafire

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If you have a file that you want to share with people over the Internet with the MediaFire file-hosting service, you may want to optimize the uploading process so it will go as quickly as possible. For example, you might need to upload some business documents, and you are in a hurry to leave the office to go to a meeting. You can make your file transfer to MediaFire a priority on your computer, to help transfer the file as quickly as possible.

Step 1

Wait for files that you are currently uploading to finish transmitting, such as sending emails with large attachments or uploading documents to an FTP server. Quit using any applications that upload data, such as playing an online game.

Step 2

Quit any applications for making audio or video chats.

Step 3

Ask other people using computers that share your Internet connection on your network to stop uploading files or otherwise using the upstream bandwidth.

Step 4

Launch your Web browser, and navigate to the MediaFire website (

Step 5

Click "Login" at the top of the page, and then sign in to your MediaFire account. The "My Files" page opens.

Step 6

Click "More Options" on the left side of the page. Click "Create a New Folder." The "Create a New Folder" dialog box appears. Type a name for your folder, and then click "Create Folder."

Drag a file from your computer into the folder in your MediaFire folder on the "My Files" page. The file uploads, and the "Upload Complete" message appears. Click "Return to My Files" to go back to the "My Files" page.


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