How to Upload an Excel File to Facebook

By Ryan Menezes

Facebook helps you collaborate with friends to edit Excel workbooks.
i Jason Reed/Photodisc/Getty Images

Facebook tucks its file upload feature into a corner of the site that you might not use too often. Facebook chiefly caters to sharing social content like photos and videos, but you upload miscellaneous files -- documents, presentations and Excel spreadsheets -- through the Files function of Facebook groups. Only other group members can view the uploaded spreadsheet, and any member can download it, add new data, revise the formulas and then upload the edited spreadsheet back to the group.

Step 1

Click "Create Group" in the Facebook home page if you don't currently belong to any group. Type the group's name, add friends as members and click "Create" to add the group to Facebook.

Step 2

Click "Add File" at the top of the group's feed to open the file upload pane.

Step 3

Click "Choose File" to launch the Open dialog box and then navigate to and select your Excel file.

Step 4

Type a description of the workbook in the box labeled "Say something about this...."

Step 5

Click "Post" to upload the Excel file to the Facebook group.