How to Upload Different Languages to a Garmin GPS

By Aaron Charles

GPS devices are only reliable outdoors.
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It makes sense that a device for the Global Positioning System would reflect global diversity by incorporating different languages, and that's exactly what Garmin GPS devices do -- in terms of both the display text as well as the spoken commands during turn-by-turn navigation. To upload languages that don't already exist on your device, you first must download a special app to your computer. Once that's installed, you can then download language-oriented Garmin software updates through your computer and upload them from there to your Garmin device.

Step 1

Visit Garmin's WebUpdater download page (see Resources) and download the WebUpdater software that's appropriate for your computer. Install the software.

Step 2

Open the WebUpdater program. Connect your Garmin device to your device using the Garmin-branded USB cable that came with your Garmin unit.

Step 3

Download and install the software updates that appear for your particular Garmin unit. Note the available language updates that will work for your specific Garmin model and download those updates. The WebUpdater program will then upload those updates to your device.