How to Upload AVCHD to Facebook

by Aaron Wein
David Sacks/Lifesize/Getty Images

Like many new file formats, MTS videos files, also referred to as AVCHD, did not have a lot of uploading support from popular websites, such as Facebook. This forced many people to turn to file converters to get their personal high-definition videos online. Facebook eventually began supporting the file type, however, allowing users to upload files as large as 1024 MB and as long as 20 minutes using the website's video uploading tools.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account. The "Home" page appears.

Step 2

Click the "Video" option in the "Share" section at the top of your "News Feed."

Step 3

Click the "Upload a Video" link.

Step 4

Click the "Browse" button. A dialog box opens.

Step 5

Locate and double-click the AVCHD file you wish to upload. The dialog box closes.

Click "Share." A new browsing window opens indicating upload progress. AVCHD files can take several minutes to more than an hour depending on the length of the video.

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