How to Upload Apps to a Cell Phone

by LaTasha Rogers

Cell phone applications, also known as apps, are made for many uses. They are software programs that you can upload to your cell phone for fun activities or helping to stay organized. Apps are evolving every day, and there is an app for just about everything. Uploading a specific app to your phone can be done with little to no effort. The apps can be found on different websites depending on your cell phone provider.


Plug your cell phone into the computer using a USB cable. The phone can be plugged into the same port you normally use when charging the phone.


Click on the cell phone program that opens on the computer. If nothing comes up, click on the "Start" icon followed the "Computer" tab. Double-click on the wireless phone icon.


Search for the applications on the computer that you want to add on you cell phone. For Apple iPhone, select the "App" option in iTunes. The selections of apps you've downloaded will appear on the page under "Applications."


Launch the "App" folder on your wireless phone. This will bring up all apps loaded on the phone.


Click and drag the app to the application folder. Make sure the app is properly uploaded before unplugging the USB.

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