How to Upgrade Word to Word 2010

by Breann Kanobi

Microsoft releases a new version of Microsoft Word every two to five years. If you are currently using an older version of Word and want to upgrade to Word 2010, download it from the Microsoft website. All of your current word documents remain compatible when you upgrade. Like most previous versions of Microsoft Office Suite, you can download either the Professional or Home and Student version, depending on your needs.


Visit the Word 2010 website (see Resources) and click on the "Try It" or "Buy It" button. "Try It" downloads a free trial of Word 2010, while buy it asks for your credit card information. If you chose "Buy It," scroll down the page until you locate "Word 2010." Click on the link below the heading to download only Word 2010. Click on the "Download Now" button under "Office Home and Student" or "Office Professional" to download the entire Office 2010 Suite.


Click on the "Install" button at the pop-up window. At the Installation prompt, press the button that reads "Upgrade."


Press the tab that reads "Upgrade" at the next window. Select one of the options, either remove all previous versions, keep all previous versions or remove specific applications. Highlight the bubble next to the option you desire. If you want to remove specific applications, check the box next to the name of the application.


Click on the "Installation Options" tab to select which applications you want to install.


Press the button that reads "Install Now."


  • check If you are using Microsoft Office only for your home computer, download the Home and Student version. This version costs less than the Professional version.

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