How to Upgrade to TomTom XL

By Si Kingston

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TomTom XL GPS devices come with a specific map and software version pre-installed on the GPS' internal disk. You can upgrade or update the map that is currently on your TomTom XL. TomTom offers customers the "Latest map guarantee" which allows them to download the most current map for their GPS device for free. All map upgrades are managed in the TomTom Home software interface. You can install updated or purchased maps in the software interface.

Step 1

Download the TomTom HOME software (see Resource). Follow the prompts to install the software on your computer. Once installed, select your country when prompted and accept the license agreement.

Step 2

Connect the TomTom XL GPS to the computer with a USB cable. The Home software will open when it detects the connected device, if the software isn't already open.

Step 3

Click "Log in" in the Home interface. Log in to your TomTom account, or press "Create account." Home automatically searches for updates for your TomTom XL GPS device.

Step 4

Click "Update my device."

Step 5

Power on the TomTom XL GPS. If the TomTom prompts you to connect to the computer, tap "Yes" on the GPS screen.

Step 6

Press "Link device" when prompted to link the TomTom GPS to your TomTom account.

Step 7

Click "Update and install" to upgrade the TomTom XL with the latest map and software updates. After the update is complete, TomTom Home will restart the device.

Step 8

Tap "Yes" on the TomTom device screen when prompted to connect to the computer. Home may then install more updates, or prompt you to purchase additional maps.

Step 9

Purchase additional maps that are compatible with the XL (optional). Home automatically lists all maps available for the XL, select a map product and click "Checkout." Follow the prompts to purchase the map with a debit or credit card, and install it in the Home interface.