How to Upgrade Time Warner Cable Software

By Maxwell Payne

Cable software controls channel access and on screen interfaces.
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Time Warner Cable provides TV and Internet services to many customers. A setup cable box is often necessary to access digital cable and allows Time Warner to ensure you get access to the channels you pay for. In addition to channel access, on demand services, pay-per-view services, and on-screen schedule menus are also available through the box. Periodically, Time Warner may send an update or upgrade for the box software to improve the user interface or channel selection. If a scheduled update was announced but did not happen, you can attempt to reconnect to the Time Warner servers.

Step 1

Make sure the cable box is connected to the cable running from the box to the Time Warner wall outlet.

Step 2

Make sure the cable box has power. Press the power button, a power light should come on along with a channel indicator.

Step 3

Turn off the TV and unplug the cable box power supply from the wall outlet or power strip. Wait 10 seconds before proceeding.

Step 4

Reconnect the cable box power supply and wait for the cable box channel display to show the time. It may start off showing lines or dots, wait until the time appears.

Step 5

Press the power button on the cable box and turn the TV on. If there is a software upgrade available, a message will appear on the TV screen and/or the cable box display will be blinking or showing a series of dots and lines as an upgrade is downloaded. If an upgrade is coming into the box, do not turn off or reset the box.