How To Upgrade Panasonic Plasma Firmware

By Art Corvelay

Panasonic firmware can be upgraded using an SD card.
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Panasonic is an electronics producer that manufacturers plasma televisions, which are high-definition flat-panel TVs. If you need to modify or upgrade your firmware, you can do so by downloading the firmware update and installing it on to your Plasma set. Panasonic has only released firmware updates for their 42-inch plasma TVs, so you will need to have a 42-inch plasma in order to upgrade the firmware.

Download or order the firmware. It will be an .exe file that you will install onto your Panasonic. You can download it or order it from the link in the Resources section. If you are downloading the file, save it onto a SD card. Connect your SD card to your computer using a SD card reader. Save the file to the main folder of your SD card. If you order the firmware update, you will be shipped a SD card with the update already installed.

Turn on the TV and insert the SD card into the SD card slot of your Panasonic. The SD card slot is located on the back of the TV. Wait for the TV to read your card and a setup window appears.

Press "OK" on the remote when the firmware update is displayed on the screen. You are advanced to the next screen.

Select "Yes" when presented with the "Upgrade Information" screen. Then click "OK" on your remote again. The screen will go blank and the firmware will be updated. This takes about 90 seconds.

Wait for the TV set to shut down and remove the SD card. The TV will automatically power off.

Unplug the AC power cord and plug it back in. The firmware upgrade is complete.