How to Upgrade Nissan Frontier Speakers

by Nichole Liandi
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Upgrading the speakers in your vehicle means replacing the existing speakers---certainly the case with the Nissan Frontier pickup truck. The Frontier comes equipped with factory-installed speakers in the front doors and dashboard. You can access these speakers by removing grilles or door panels, taking out the old speakers and mounting new ones in their place. You can do this job with hand tools; if you budget an afternoon, you shouldn't have any trouble completing the job.

Dash Speakers

Step 1

Pry out the grille covering the speaker on the passenger side of the dash by inserting the tip of a panel tool under the edge and levering upward.

Step 2

Remove the four screws securing the speaker with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3

Pull out the speaker, and unplug the wires connected to the speaker in the back.

Step 4

Plug the wires into the new speaker, place the speaker in the mounting location and screw it into place.

Replace the speaker on the driver's side with the same procedure. Test the speakers, and replace the grilles.

Front Door Speakers

Step 1

Pry up the armrest by slipping the edge of the panel tool under the front of the armrest and levering it upward until it pops loose. Remove the two screws exposed by the removal of the armrest with your Phillips screwdriver.

Step 2

Pry off the trim directly behind the door release handle with a panel tool. Pry off the trim cup in back of the handle. Remove the Phillips screw located behind the trim cup location.

Step 3

Pry around the bottom and edges of the door panel to release the door clips securing the panel. Lift and remove the door panel.

Step 4

Unscrew the four Phillips screws holding the speaker in place. Pull the speaker out of the door, and unplug the wires connected to the back of the speaker. Plug in the new speaker, and screw it into the opening.

Replace the speaker in the other door. Test the speakers and replace the door panels.


  • Turn of the ignition and set the brake before beginning work on the car.


  • Panel tools are available at auto supply stores.


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