How to Upgrade Magic Jack for Windows 7

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Magic Jack, Windows 7

Many people have decided to cut the expense of the regular phone bills by subscribing to the Magic Jack service. At a cost of $20.00 per year, it's hard to find a cheaper telephone service plan. Equipped with all of the usual features (such as call waiting, caller ID and more) makes Magic Jack a cost effective plan to use year after year. The only problem is that since it depends on a computer's USB port, folks have to make sure that Magic Jack is upgraded to remain compatible with the latest version of the computer's operating system.

If you are a PC user and have upgraded from the less than stable Windows Vista to Windows 7, here's how to upgrade Magic to work optimally with Windows 7.

Step 1

Turn on your computer and plug it in the Magic Jack dongle. The software upgrade won't work unless the Magic Jack dongle is plugged into a USB Port. It's best to plug the dongle in even before you download the upgrade just to avoid installing it without having the Magic Jack device plugged in (if you forget to plug it in, you'll have to reinstall the software).

Step 2

Visit the Magic Jack web site and download the Windows 7 upgrade. To find the software upgrade you can either locate it through the FAQ section of the site, or you can use the link as provided in the resources section below.

Step 3

Install the Magic Jack windows seven software upgrade. It only takes a couple of seconds. Do not pull the dongle from the USB port until the Magic Jack software is completely installed.

Step 4

Remove the Magic Jack dongle. You have to take dongle out of the USB port and wait for about 15 seconds. Think of it as a Magic Jack reboot.

Plug in the Magic Jack. After 15 seconds plug in the dongle and you're good to go. Test it out by making a few phone calls.


  • If you run into problems installing the Magic Jack software, visit the website and use their live chat feature. The Magic Jack representatives are knowledgeable and very helpful.

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