How to Upgrade Internet Explorer for Vista

By Damarious Page

Microsoft's Internet Explorer helps you navigate to websites of your choosing.
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Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser is one of the oldest and most popular browsers used to access the Internet. As the web has evolved, so has the IE browser. For your entertainment needs IE delivers many forms of media such as WMA and MP3 audio, WMV and Flash video, as well as streaming radio and TV programs. IE helps you access email, message boards and news. IE also ensures that you are secure while browsing online, using features like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and pop-up blocking. You should verify that you are taking advantage of the most recent IE browser, and if not, upgrading is a breeze.

Step 1

Determine what the most current release of IE is. Using the IE browser, visit the default home page for Microsoft's IE: Take note of the most recent version; keep this page open.

Step 2

Verify the current version installed. Keep the IE browser open and click on the "Help" menu at the top. Select "About Internet Explorer" in the drop-down menu to open an informational window. Look for the line of text labeled "Version:". If your currently installed version is the same as that reflected on Microsoft's home page for IE, an upgrade is unnecessary.

If your version is earlier than Microsoft's latest release of IE, proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Download manually. Click "OK" to close out of "About Internet Explorer." Focus back on the IE browser default home page from previous steps and find the download option, labeled "Download Now"; click the button. Find the section labeled, "Select your Operating System from the list..." and select the "Windows Vista" hyperlink. After the page advances, click the "Download" button. Ensure the IE file download is saved to a location that you can easily recall.

Step 4

Click the file to start installation. The installation process is intuitive, and will vary based on your preferences. Read and follow the steps to complete your upgrade.