How to Upgrade a DTVPal DVR

By Maya Austen

The DTVPal DVR is a dual-tuner digital-to-analog converter box and DVR. While the DTVPal DVR is made by Dish Network, consumers are able to purchase a DTVPal DVR without the additional cost of monthly fees, or an activation fee. There’s no contract involved. Dish Network does offer support for this product, including occasional firmware updates. “Firmware” is a form of software, but instead of being stored on a computer’s operating system, firmware is saved to the ROM chips of an electrical device. It’s the software that helps run the hardware. Updating the firmware on a DTVPal DVR involves a simple file transfer.

Step 1

Plug the USB memory stick into one of the computer’s available USB ports.

Step 2

Open “My Computer.” Double-click the USB drive. Go to the “File” menu, point to “New” and select “Folder.” Name the folder “Update.”

Step 3

Launch the computer’s Web browser. Go to the Dish Network DTVPal DVR Software Updates Web page (see the link in the Resources). Click the “Available Software Update” link that lists the latest version of firmware available for the DTVPal DVR. Save the firmware file to the “Update” folder on the USB memory stick.

Step 4

Remove the USB memory stick from the computer’s USB port.

Step 5

Turn on the DTVPal DVR and TV set.

Step 6

Plug the USB memory stick you just saved the new firmware to into the USB port located on the DTVPal DVR’s rear panel. A pop-up box will appear stating “A device has been connected to the USB port. Removable media device detected… A USB Software Update is available.”

Step 7

Select “OK” to continue (or simply wait 30 seconds and DTVPal will continue automatically). Another pop-up box will appear stating “USB Download Available,” along with a listing of the currently installed version of firmware, and the new version that is now available.

Step 8

Select “Download” to download the new firmware to the DTVPal DVR (or simply wait 30 seconds and DTVPal will download the file automatically). If the download was successful, a pop-up box will appear stating “USB download completed.” Do not press “OK” on the remote or you will cancel the firmware update.

Step 9

Remove the USB memory stick from the DTVPal DVR’s USB port.

Step 10

Leave the DTVPal DVR box turned on. The DTVPal DVR will automatically update its firmware and reboot itself. You should see a display on the screen that states “Please wait while your DTVPal DVR is being updated.”