How to Upgrade a Dell Inspiron Graphics Card

by Mikhail Polenin

Your Dell Inspiron computer already comes with either integrated graphics or a graphics card. Generally, these cards do not have the specifications to run very heavy applications, so you must purchase a higher-performing one to beat the minimum requirements for the application you want to use, whether you want to run a game or some graphical editing software. If you have familiarity with a computer's interior, you might find Inspiron models easy to modify.


Disconnect your computer from any power sources and turn it around with the rear facing you.


Lay the computer on its left side and remove the two captive screws holding the right side cover to the computer chassis. Pull back the cover and lift it off your computer to expose the interior.


Remove the expansion bay bracket next to the expansion slots on the bottom of your motherboard by taking out its screw and lifting it off.


Remove any previous graphics cards on your computer by lifting them off their slot. Use the same slot to put in your new graphics card, reassemble the bracket, close your computer and turn it back on.

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