How to Upgrade a Compaq Presario

By Bonnie Conrad

If you have an older Compaq Presario, chances are good that it could benefit from an upgrade. These computers were built to be long lasting and reliable, but over time they can slow down as new pieces of hardware and software are introduced. Upgrading your Presario is an excellent way to save money compared with the cost of buying new equipment.

Log on to your computer and right-click on "My Computer." Choose "Properties" from the menu and go to the "General" tab. Look at the amount of memory in your Presario.

Log on to a memory manufacturer website such as or These sites all feature memory finders that allow computer owners to enter the make and model of their computer and instantly find a compatible memory module. Purchase the memory you need, either directly from the site or from your local electronics store.

Turn off your computer and remove the power cable. Locate the case release lever and remove the computer's case. Install the new memory by pushing down gently but firmly until the module locks into place. Make sure the white retaining clips come up and hold the memory in place.

Purchase a new DVD burner to replace the CD-ROM or CD-RW that came with your Presario. The prices of DVD burners has come down a great deal, so you should be able to find an excellent burner for under $100. Locate the existing CD drive, remove the screws that hold it in place and disconnect the cables. Then slide the new DVD burner in place, connect the cables and secure it with the screws.