How to Upgrade an Asus Laptop Video Card

By T.M. Wit

If you are looking for some additional power for gaming or graphical design, consider upgrading the video card on your Asus laptop. The video card in your Asus laptop is what enhances and controls the video output capabilities on your computer. Manually replacing the video card may void your warranty. Contact Asus before attempting this operation. You can replace the graphics card in your Asus laptop in about 45 minutes.

Turn off your Asus laptop and remove the power cord and battery.

Remove the plastic hinge located immediately above your keyboard. A plastic latch releases the hinge.

Remove the two screws securing your keyboard, located at the top of your keyboard. Disconnect the data cable, then remove your keyboard.

Remove the screws securing your outer shell, then lift your outer shell away from your Asus laptop.

Remove the two screws securing your video card assembly, then remove your video card.

Insert your new video card into the port where you removed your old video card. Replace the screws in your video card assembly.

Replace the outer shell and keyboard of your Asus laptop.

Replace the plastic hinge on your Asus laptop.