How to Upgrade Adobe Acrobat 5 to 9

by Stephen Lilley

Adobe Acrobat 5 is a now-outdated version of the Acrobat software. Adobe Acrobat is a program that allows you to take complete control over PDF files on your computer, giving you the ability to both create, edit and read them on your machine. If you want to upgrade the older Adobe Acrobat 5 to the newer Adobe Acrobat 9, you just have to use the program's built-in upgrade utility present in one of its drop down menus.


Click "Start."


Click "Programs."


Click "Adobe Acrobat 5" to launch the program on your computer.


Click "Help."


Click "Check for Updates..." Adobe Updater will now launch on screen and check for updates for your Acrobat software. Once the upgrade to Adobe Acrobat 9 has been located by the software, click "Install Now" to download and install the appropriate files needed to upgrade your version of Acrobat from 5 to 9. Restart your computer to finish off the install process.

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