How to Update a Yahoo! Wallet Credit Card

By Shawn McClain

Add or remove a credit card from your PayPal account.
i Screenshot courtesy of PayPal.

The Yahoo! Wallet allows you to store credit card information, so you can quickly and easily make online purchases of services on the Yahoo! network. The service provides a number of security steps to ensure that your information is safe, as you will only ever see the last four digits of the card number when you use the service. If a card expires or you need to change certain information, like your address, you will have to access the Yahoo! Wallet page to make the changes.

Step 1

Access the Yahoo! Wallet web page. You will have to enter your Yahoo! ID and password to get access to this page. When the page loads, you will see all your current credit cards listed on the page.

Step 2

Click the "Edit" button next to the card you want to modify.

Step 3

Enter the full credit card number to access this credit card. Press "Continue" in the pop-up box once you have entered the card number.

Step 4

Edit your name, the card expiration date, your address or your phone number. Press the "Save" button when you are done.