How to Update a Worldnav GPS System

by William Pullman

A WorldNav GPS unit provides real time directions based on the current location of the GPS device. A memory card with map information is supplied with the WorldNav GPS device. TeleType, the company that manufactures WorldNav GPS devices, releases updates for the WorldNav GPS devices to give users updated information. Keep your GPS device up to date to ensure proper directions to your destinations.

Step 1

Purchase a memory card update from the TeleType website. You will receive the memory card in the mail after your order is processed.

Step 2

Remove the older memory card from the GPS unit by pulling it out of the memory card slot on the right side of the device.

Step 3

Slide the new memory card into the memory card slot. The contacts on the memory card should face the back of the GPS unit.

Turn on the WorldNav GPS unit and select “I Agree” to finish updating your device. You can now use the GPS unit as normal with the updated maps.


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