How to Update Windows XP Home Edition

By Margaret Worthington

Update your Windows XP Home computer.
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The Windows XP Home operating system has the ability to connect to the Internet and download updates from the Microsoft servers. These updates provide critical and optional security, stability and feature upgrades for the operating system to help keep it operating smoothly. Running this update program is easy to do for users of all skill levels and it's a crucial part of keeping your computer working correctly.

Step 1

Boot up your computer and log in to the operating system.

Step 2

Click on the "Start" button, click on "All Programs" and then click on "Windows Update."

Step 3

Click the "Express" button and wait for the Windows Update utility to scan your computer for a list of currently installed updates. Once this process is finished, you are shown a list of available updates you can install.

Step 4

Click the "Install Updates" button to start downloading the updates. If any license agreements appear, read them and then click the "I accept" button to continue with the update process. Once the updates finish installing, you need to restart your computer.