How to Update Windows Vista

by Richard Kalinowski

After its launch, Windows Vista met with mixed reviews. Though the interface is sleeker than previous Windows operating systems, the program has been criticized as bug-ridden and unstable. Fortunately for Windows users, updating Vista is very easy, and Microsoft offers fixes for many of the system's common problems. Tapping into the updating system is relatively easy if you follow the proper steps.


Click on the "Start Menu" and select "Control Panel."

Windows control panel.

Click on "Check for Updates" under the "Security" section in the control panel. This will take you to a new window.

Windows checking for updates.

Click on "Check for Updates" near the window's upper left-hand corner. This will begin an automatic search for new Vista updates.

Windows installing updates.

Make sure all other programs are closed and click on "Install Updates." Vista will automatically download and install the updates. A progress bar indicates how far along the update process is.

Downloading and installing updates.

Wait for all updates to finish installing. Do not turn off your computer during this process. Depending on how many new updates you need to install, the automatic updating process may take minutes or hours. When complete, restart your computer.

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