How to Update the VDO Dayton

By Melissa King

Software updates increase your VDO Dayton GPS' functionality, so it performs better on the road.
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VDO Dayton offers different models of GPS navigation systems that assist you with directions as you travel. These systems show your current location on a detailed map, then announce the roads and turns to take to reach a destination. At times, VDO Dayton makes software updates available on its website. The latest update is version B40-070731r1 as of December 2010.

Step 1

Click "Start," "Internet Explorer." Type in the VDO Dayton website (see Resource). Click to the VDO Dayton Download Section and locate the correct update for your GPS model. Click on "Update Files" to download the update for that model.

Step 2

Insert an empty SD card into your computer's card reader. Right click on the update file, and click "Open" or "Extract." When asked for an extraction location, click to browse to the SD card.

Step 3

Plug the GPS power supply cord into the unit; then plug the other end into a power outlet. If the device turns on, hold the "On/Off" button for approximately three seconds to turn it off.

Step 4

Remove the SD card from the computer. Remove the map SD card from the GPS, and then insert the update card. Turn the GPS back on, and the update starts automatically. This takes about four minutes. Turn the GPS off when this is complete.

Step 5

Remove the update card, and replace the map data card. Turn the device back on.