How to Update Toshiba Laptop Drivers

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Computer drivers are small pieces of software that allow your computer to communicate with a variety of computer parts and peripherals such as a graphics card or a printer. You will need to download new drivers every time you buy a new computer part or computer peripheral. Sometimes, your new purchase will include a DVD with the drivers on it. However, you should go to Toshiba's support website to get the latest drivers for your laptop.

Step 1

Open your computer's browser, and navigate to the Toshiba support website.

Step 2

Click on "Laptops" in the box on the left side of the Toshiba website under "Downloads." Choose your laptop's family and model. Click "Go."

Step 3

Scan the list of drivers provided on the next page that appears, and choose your desired driver.

Step 4

Click the "Download Now" button, and wait for the driver to download.

Click on the "Wizard" prompt and follow the onscreen instructions. Restart your computer to start using the new driver.


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