How to Update TomTom Go 700

By Darrin Meyer

Mobile global positioning system (GPS) devices are growing more popular and affordable every year, helping people eliminate some of the hassles of traveling in unfamiliar areas and cutting down the chances of getting lost. The TomTom Go 700 is an easy-to-operate GPS with touchscreen capability. Updating the TomTom can be done in a few minutes and is as simple as plugging it into your computer and letting the software do all the work.

Step 1

Turn on both your computer and your TomTom Go 700. Ensure that your Internet connection is up and running.

Step 2

Plug one end of the cord provided with the TomTom into the slot at the bottom of the device and the other into a USB port of the computer.

Step 3

On the TomTom screen you'll see a message asking if you wish to connect to the computer. Touch "Yes."

Step 4

The TomTom Home program will begin downloading if connecting for the first time. After that, the program will open automatically upon being connected.

Step 5

In the TomTom Home window you'll see "Getting updates automatically" as a bar graph shows the progress. It will then show the available updates when they load.

Step 6

Click "Update and Install" at the bottom right-hand corner of the TomTom Home window. The updates will upload to your device; when finished you'll see the "Eject" button at the bottom. Click that and disconnect the device from the computer.