How to Update SSL Certificates

by C.D. Crowder

To keep website visitors secure, your site must provide an up-to-date secure socket layer, or SSL, certificate. Many website operators use either VeriSign or Windows Essential Business Server to update SSL certificates. SSL certificates allow users to connect securely to websites that use the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol. This ensures that any information a user inputs or shares through a secure site remains encrypted between the user and the website. Updated SSL certificates are essential to maintaining your web visitors' secure data.


Visit the VeriSign website listed in the Resources section. You must update VeriSign certificates through VeriSign.

Download the latest Site Pro Intermediate CA Certificate from the link in Step 2 of the VeriSign website.

Follow the prompts to install the downloaded SSL certificate.

Windows Essential Business Server

Use a Domains Admin account to log-on to your Management Server.

Go to "Start" and select "All Programs."

Choose "Windows Essential Business Server."

Select "Tools" and choose "Update Certificates."

Follow the prompts in the Update Certificates wizard to update your SSL certificates.


  • check If you use another type of SSL certificate, visit the website of your certificate provider to update the certificate. For different servers, open the certificate authority portion of your server, select your certificate and choose "Update" to start the update procedure.

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