How to Update a SpeedStream 5100 Modem

By Jay Darrington

Update a SpeedStream 5100 Modem
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Your SpeedStream 5100 DSL modem comes with the ability to update its firmware. This allows you to add new features that the manufacturer may have created, as well as correct any bugs or issues that may be present with the current firmware. It is important to always have your SpeedStream modem updated to the latest firmware to be protected against any problems.

Open a web browser, type "http://speedstream" into the browser address bar and press "Enter."

Log in to the DSL modem at the prompt with your username and password.

Click on "Tools" in the site that appears, then click "Update."

Click the "Browse" button, then use the File browser that appears to search for the firmware update file.

Click "Continue" to update the firmware.