How to Update Shinco GM

By Jacob Stover

Shinco GM is a series of portable GPS devices released by MapKing Singapore. The devices are Internet capable, and offer regular updates to system functions and maps. The first line of Shinco GM GPS units were sold out of Singapore in 1997, though the company now sells their GPS units across the globe. Updating your Shinco GM is a straightforward task that should only take around 15 minutes.

Navigate to the MapKing Support and Download page, and download the MapKing 2007 installation files for your operating system (see Resources).

Run the MapKing 2007 installation file when the download has finished.

Remove the SD card from your Shinco GM, and insert it into a USB-to-SD converter or your computer's SD card slot.

Run "MapKing MapUpdate.exe" from the MapKing 2007 installation directory.

Click on the drop-down menu and select the drive letter associated with your SD card.

Click "Check Map Version" beneath the drop-down menu to scan for available updates.

Click "Update to Latest Map" to download any available map updates.

Remove the SD card from your converter or computer and return it to the Shinco GM GPS unit. It should now feature updated maps.