How to Update a Driver for a Seagate External Hard Drive

by Lindsay Howell

Computers produced more than a few years ago required users to install software drivers as a necessary step when adding an external hard drive to the system. All manufacturers including Seagate provided these drivers on an installation CD that came with the external drive. In Windows 7, external hard drives are configured automatically by the operating system and no additional drivers are needed. If your computer is prompting you to update the drivers for your Seagate external drive, it means you are running on a Windows 98 or older computer. You can download the drivers from Seagate's website.


Visit the driver download page on the website.


Click the link to "Download the drivers for Windows 98 SE and USB connections" at the bottom of the screen. Click "Save file" and choose the location on your computer where you want to save the file.


Double-click the driver download and "extract" the file.


Plug the external hard drive's power cable into the power adapter and connect its USB cable to the computer. The New Hardware Wizard will auto-run.


Click "Next." Select the "Search for better driver..." option and click "Next."


Click on "Specify a location" and uncheck all other boxes. Type "c:\Seagate" (without quotes) into the text box and click the "Browse" button, assuming that you want to install the driver files to the root directory of your "C" drive. Click "Next" to continue. The installer wizard reports that the drivers were found. Click "Next" on this screen.


Click "Next" to complete the installation of the drivers for your Seagate external hard drive.

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