How to Update a Phoenix-Award BIOS

By C.D. Crowder

Phoenix and Award merged in 1998 creating the Phoenix-Award brand. When it's time to update a Phoenix-Award Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), the free application BIOS Agent Plus scans your system to find the correct BIOS update for your system. BIOS Agent Plus is the official BIOS update and support center for the Phoenix-Award BIOS. Updating your Phoenix-Award BIOS ensures your BIOS software remains compatible with your operating system and hardware to prevent as many system errors as possible.

Step 1

Visit the BIOS Agent Plus website listed in the Resources section.

Step 2

Select "Free BIOS Scan" to download the BIOS Agent Plus software.

Step 3

Double-click the file to run the installer program.

Step 4

Wait for BIOS Agent Plus to generate a report of your system's BIOS and drivers.

Step 5

Locate the "BIOS" section near the top of the report.

Step 6

Press the download button, if available, to download the latest BIOS for your system.

Step 7

Follow all instructions provided with your Phoenix-Award BIOS update to update your system.